Wheel of life

The Wheel of Life is divided into different areas or categories that are important to you.  It is called the "Wheel of Life" because each area of your life is mapped on a circle, like the spoke of a wheel.

I am going to ask you to rate your level of satisfaction in eight areas of your life. One means not satisfied and 10 means highly satisfied. This is not a picture of how it has been in the past or what you wants it to be in the future. It is a snapshot taken in the moment.

This exercise will help clarify priorities for goal-setting.  And as a starting point for creating balance, happiness and success in your life, you will be able to reflect and gain some insight into the balance of your life and how satisfied you are in life’s different areas.

Below we have tools and links to explore why your wheel of life looks the way it does, what you would like your wheel of life to look like, and how to accomplish your life goals.

Now let’s complete it!

How satisfied are you with your health and fitness?

Can you go for walks without difficulty?

Can you climb stairs easily?

Are you satisfied with your diet and your physical health?



When you are finished, take a moment to appreciate your Wheel of Life.

What does it look like? Are there any surprises to you? 

Is it a bumpy ride?

What happens when you try to move forward and you have a crooked wheel? How efficient and effective are you going to be in life if you can not move forward in a balanced way?

Ask yourself:

Why did you score yourself in each category the way you did?
Where are your biggest gaps in satisfaction levels?
Which areas of your life are causing you the must discomfort?

The Wheel of Life exercise is the perfect starting point for goal-setting.
What would you like your wheel to look like in 3 months? 6 months? one year?

If you have scores of 8 to 10 for any of the categories, congratulations! You are very satisfied in this particular area. It’s important you maintain what you are doing to ensure you remain satisfied in this area, however don’t overlook that there may be areas for improvement. This is important to ensure you are not limiting your potential for even further growth and satisfaction in this area.

If you have scores of 5 to 7 for any of the categories, you are reasonably satisfied in this particular area but there is definitely opportunity to explore ideas to move this up the scale.

If you have scores of 0 to 4 for any of the categories, you are not very satisfied in this particular area and you will need to explore ways of enhancing your satisfaction here. No need to get down about these scores though, as scores of 0 to 4 are full of opportunity! I find this as quite exciting when someone has a lower score as often is the case the individual has not fully explored opportunities that are available to them. It’s also the area where the individual can grow the most and get the most value!


It is very easy to become extremely satisfied in one area, but at what cost?

For example, you can spend all your time and energy working on your career and make some fantastic progress. Perhaps you will even become extremely satisfied with your finances and wealth. However, what may happen to your relationships? Your health and well-being? Are you having fun along the way?

The key is to find the balance and that is the beauty of the Wheel. To do this, you want to grow your Wheel, not balance your Wheel by trading off in some areas of your life. It’s about moving forward, challenging yourself and pushing your boundaries to expand your Wheel and make it bigger while maintaining a balance.

Commit yourself to taking action TODAY. What are the specific actions or steps that you are going to take to enhance your satisfaction in your desired area? Write what you will do down on the same piece of paper that your Wheel is on. Keep your Wheel close by in a place that you can easily refer to on a daily basis.

Track your progress! The Wheel provides a snapshot in time of your satisfaction levels and ultimately happiness. Complete the Wheel on a regular basis so you can easily track your progress. I recommend at least once every 6 months, depending on what your goals are and when you have aimed to achieve them.



Once you have identified the areas that need attention, it's time to plan the actions needed to work on regaining balance. Starting with the neglected areas, what things do you need to start doing to regain balance? In the areas that currently sap your energy and time, what can you stop doing or reprioritize or delegate to someone else?