Useful Apps for Entreprenuers

Here are a list of some apps that I have found very useful in my entrepreneurial journey.  All of these apps are free and easy to use and provide serious value.


Wave Apps – Accounting

Wave apps are free accounting softwares that are really great.  You can keep track of your suppliers, your customers, your expenses and more.  The apps allow you to take a photo of a receipt and upload it to your account, the app will automatically read the vendors name, the total amount, the date and more information straight from the picture of the receipt.


Canva – Graphics and design

Just like the image says, Canva makes graphic design as easy as pie.  With many templates pre loaded with images and text combinations, it is very easy to create professional looking images with Canva.


WordPress – website

WordPress allows amateurs to make professional looking websites easily.  There are a ton of styles and templates, and a ton of tutorials to help you make the website you need.


CamCard – phone contacts from business cards

CamCard allows you to take a photo of a business card and all the relevant information is loaded into your phone as a contact.  This app saves you a ton of hasstle manually importing contacts, and helps you get rid of your stack of business cards you can easily accumulate.


WorkFlowy – organization and communication

WorkFlowy is an app that lets you take notes in a bullet / outline format that is searchable and shareable.  Anyone with the password and login can join the conversation and update or edit the document which is great for seamless communication and planning in different locations.


Filmora Go – video editing


FilmoraGo is a great free editing app that allows you to quickly merge videos, add text or music, and transitions and some effects.  Though it is quite limited, it is a great free app that is easy to use and effective.


Quik – Video Editing

Quik video is an app that allows you to take a video, then the app will automatically edit it with transitions and effects.  This is a great way to get a cool video from a long video where only highlights are needed.


App Detox

App Detox allows you to put restrictions on other apps, like instagram and facebook.  You can restrict the usage to certain hours of the day, or a certain amount of time, or a certain number of times to open the app.  This is very useful for social media addicts looking to rehabilitate.