Essential Sales Skills

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Introduction6 essential sales skillsIntroduction In order to be successful in sales it is imperative that you understand what is really going on.  The common misconception is that sales is about money, or it is about the product you are selling.  Both of these are incorrect.  Sales is about people. Sales is a transfer of enthusiasm.  If […]

The Science of Persuasion

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Introduction 6 ways to increase your influence Conclusion   Introduction Robert Cialdini wrote a great book called The Psychology of Influence.  In this book he examines some of the key ways people can be influenced by “Compliance professionals.” Getting people to say “yes” is a multi-billion dollar industry.  In fact you might say it is the […]

Top Ten Rules of Negotiation

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Introduction 10 rules of negotiation Conclusion Introduction Negotiation is a skill that most of use on a daily basis, and it is a basic part of business. The old anecdote is true: “You get what you negotiate”.  You can use negotiation in your personal life or in business.  Good negotiation skills can make or break […]

How to sleep better

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Introduction 5 ways to get a great night’s sleep Introduction The key to getting a great nights sleep lies in a few key things you do during the day.  The idea is to prep your body for sleep, send unconscious signals to your body that it is time to sleep, and to respect your sleep […]

Successful Sales Process

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Successful Sales Process Introduction Successful Sales Process Introduction In this article, first we will look at the basics of a successful sales process.  Understanding this process is an essential sales skill that can yield great improvements for you.   The sales process is how customers and potential customers end up as current or previous customers. […]