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Develop highly effective leaders who support others to achieve superior sustainable results.

Improve decision making throughout the organization.  Equip your managers with the skills and habits needed to maintain high-level performance from their team.  Whether they lead 20 people or 200 people, this training will make them into world class leaders who innovate and elevate.


Productivity is the hidden element of success.

Having an organization full of productive habits will exponentially increase your effectiveness.  It is the ultimate competitive advantage.  No more time lost and no more extreme pressure!  This productivity training will allow your team to get more done in less time, allowing them to meet deadlines with greater ease and accuracy.


Build a high-trust culture of collaboration and engagement resulting in greater speed and reduced costs.  Our process works to increase trust in personal, team, relationship and organizational levels.  This training fosters greater cooperation and communication, and addresses issues of employee satisfaction.  

Team building and fulfillment exercises make this a training your team will never forget!


Communication in the 21st century.  The digital age is here and if your organization is still using traditional means of communication you will soon be out of business.  What is your organization's social media strategy?  Who are your target market?  Which platforms are you using to communicate to your customers?  Are they listening?  Do you have a differentiation strategy?  Are you producing content?

This training will open your eyes to the new world of marketing.



Transform the buyer-seller relationship by helping clients succeed.  Sales people are able to shorten their sales cycles, grow their accounts, close more deals, improve margins and win more loyal customers.

Also support organizations to drive faster revenue and profit growth through increased customer and employee loyalty.



Business consulting gives you a chance to bring our team of experienced business professionals to your organization for a complete analysis of your strengths and weaknesses.  We will do market research for you and assess the external environment for your organization.  And we will meet with your team and evaluate each of your departments and processes.  Based on our findings and our vast experience we will then make recommendations and help you implement them so your business can become the leader in your industry.

Flexible content, Flexible pricing and Payment Plans to match your needs. Schedule your free needs assessment today.


Corporate Training

All businesses have the potential to grow by training their employees in key skills; and all employees have the potential to grow through skills development and training.  With proper training programs you will see your sales increase, waste and loss will decrease, customer satisfaction will soar,  and your profit will skyrocket,

Nick Lusson professional training programs reflect the values and lessons of the world's greatest businessmen and business philosophers.  We have developed these programs based not only on our own extensive management experience, but through participation in training world-class training programs ourselves.  The programs contain deep business insights known to the most successful organizations in the world.  Furthermore, the methods for teaching and sharing are also industry leading.  The programs represent the latest and most effective techniques for lasting behavior change.

Our training programs are designed to give your organization tangible results and unbeatable return on investment.  So take a moment and ask yourself:
How great could your business be?

Why should you invest in corporate training?

Because most employees have some weaknesses in their workplace skills.  These weaknesses translate into losses for the organization. Employees who are well trained in best practices are a significant competitive advantage in any industry.

Because development training raises the standard for the entire organization. Expectations are raised and mutual accountability will create a culture of superior performance in your organization.

Because an employee who receives the necessary training is better able to perform their job. It is more important than ever to keep your team aware and trained on the best practices for their job.  Even the most experienced employees need training to stay refreshed and motivated.

Because investment in training shows employees they are valued.  Employees who feel appreciated and and challenged will feel more satisfaction in their jobs and will perform much higher.  Employees appreciate being challenged to grow and your organization will benefit.


Can happy and well trained employees really make a difference?

Employees who are fully engaged are the greatest resource for any organization.  Disinterested employees are one of the biggest drains on for any organization. 

Interactive and valuable training programs build loyalty.  You will find that loyal employees are are more willing to give great service with a smile to your customers.  A happy, well trained employee is your best customer retention strategy.

Training programs are an great investment towards retaining your best employees, and attracting the best in the industry. Your best employees want training, they want to gain skills, they want to add more value to your organization; and we can make this happen. If your organization doesn't provide development training, enterprising employees will go elsewhere for it.

Developing your employees within your organization has many other benefits:

  • Better work habits creates a better organizational culture.
  • Enhanced cooperation at all levels of the organization.
  • Inter-personal trust and support fosters superior performance.
  • Full commitment to the key performance indicators of each department.


Can I afford it?

Development training doesn't have to be elaborate or costly. But a question you must ask yourself is: what is the cost of not developing your team?  The answer is staggering.

Many hours are lost each day due to inefficient processes, disengaged employees, poor work habits and strategies, and many other problems that we can fix.  The cost of avoiding development training is immeasurable!  Employee turnover and missed opportunities to develop your best talent can not be quantified.  And if your competition is developing their employees while you are not, you may very well find yourself out of business before long.


How can we help you?

All of our solutions are customized to your organzation's needs and context.  We are committed to delivering value to our customers.  Our programs involve a progress after 6 months to measure the desired behavior change.   We offer the best value for money in the industry, and we deliver a great return on your valuable investment.
The first step is a personalized needs assessment to allow us to provide EXACTLY what you need.
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