Be Unique!

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Be Unique.  Before you will get close to greatness, you have to be comfortable being different.If you are worried about what others think you will never go far.

Going along with the masses is a surefire way of heading to mediocrity. If you have big dreams and ambitions ou have to be prepared to separate yourself from the group.

One of the greatest fears humans have is the fears of others' opinions. This is a fear that must be broken. It holds most of humanity in a rut.

On the path to greatness you have to stop caring what other people think. All of the great geniuses and entrepreneurs have been shameless. You must never be embarrassed to go for you dream and do what you feel is right. Even if you fail miserably, that is a lesson and a blessing.

Embrace what makes you unique and different.  Run with it and don't apologize.  This is where you will find your greatness.  The things that make you different and unique are the things that make you rare and valuable.  It doesn't matter what it is.  Release your judgement of yourself and let your light shine in all its glory.  Don't be a bad copy of some ideal you were taught to like, just be yourself and accept everything that comes with it.

Be brave, be strong, be yourself.  Don't live for the imaginary acceptance of others.  Don't live for an imposed ideal of perfection.  Instead live each day as if its your last, do what you love and live life with passion and fire!