About Us

Nick Lusson is originally from Sacramento, California.  He has spent years in different parts of the world studying, working, and inspiring others.  He has a bachelor's degree in International Business Administration earned partially at American River Community College in Sacramento California, California State University Chico in Chico California, and graduated from United States International University in Nairobi Kenya.

He has a passion for the environment and renewable energy and has spent over 12 years working in the solar industry around the world.  As a serial entrepreneur and a business development manager he has honed his skills in the real world.  As a student of excellence he has continually sought the best advice and mentorship available and has continued to pursue education outside of the traditional settings.

Besides renewable energy and business, motivation and inspiration is something that has always been close to his heart.  Unlocking the power of the mind and overcoming doubts, fears and mistakes has been a continual theme in his life.  This passion has led him to pursue a path of helping others by encouraging and demonstrating proven techniques for self-mastery.

He is a certified Six Sigma yellow belt, and a certified life coach.  He has been published in international journals regarding renewable energy, and his first book--an inspiring tale of fiction--is due to be completed in 2017.

Nick Lusson dot com is an attempt to brand himself and grow his reach and impact in the world.  If you have similar passions and would like to join the team, get in touch today!