4 Great TED talks for personal development

The prison of your mind – Sean Stephenson

Sean Stephenson was born with several medical conditions and his parents were told he would not live past 24 hours.  Today he is a Phd, married, and a powerful public speaker.  In this inspiring video he proves that anyone who feels sorry for him is wasting their time.  He gives some powerful lessons starting with “Never believe a prediction that doesn’t empower you.”

Change anything! Use skillpower over willpower – Al Switzler
In today’s world we put a lot of pressure on ourselves, and we tend to think and behave as if our will power or commitment is the deciding factor in our ability to control our habits and behaviors.  Al Switzler brilliantly explains the fallacy in this thinking.  He describes 6 factors that influence our behavior, of which will power is only one.  As he says in this great video, “Avoid the willpower trap.. we are not uncommitted, we are blind and outnumbered!”  This video will change the way you deal with your habits and behaviors and empower you to improve your life.

Building your inner coach – Brett Ledbetter
Brett Ledbetter interviewed 15 successful sports coaches and summarizes his lessons in this great video.  The summary in one sentence is: the key to success is not to focus on the result, but to focus on the process, and building a strong character is what enables the process to work.  If you have ever played a competitive sport in your life I am sure you will find this talk fascinating and inspiring.  And if you have not played a competitive sport in your life, this video will still help you apply some of the principles of success that the best coaches use.

The happy secret to better work – Shawn Achor
The thesis of this talk is: success does not come before happiness, happiness comes before success.  In this highly entertaining TED talk Shawn Achor walks you through an understanding of how our emphasis is often misplaced.  We tend to think working harder and chasing success is the key to happiness, but in fact becoming happy in the present moment will greatly increase your chances of success.